IBM: Design Researcher

Jan 2018-present

I conduct design research for a marketing automation platform powered by Watson. I work with my product team to define problems and opportunities, understand user needs, and to evaluate product health.

I have two daily goals: 

  1. Gather alignment across teams: design, product management, development, sales, marketing, support, etc., by regularly engaging members from each group in data collection and synthesis. This empowers them with a sense of ownership of each research study we conduct, creating evangelists for the work.

  2. Empower designers, product managers, and anyone else that has an interest in conducting their own research to run smaller studies effectively, following sound methodology and gaining relevant results. I do this across:

    • For designers

      • Usability testing

      • Heuristic analysis

      • UX competitive analyses

    • For product managers

      • Desirability studies

      • Collecting qualitative feature feedback

[This last part includes not only 1:1 conversations with the design & PM team to guide their work, but also producing best practices guides, templates, and resources for the team as they conduct these studies.]

Tactically speaking, I also plan and execute formal generative and evaluative research studies to inform product management's direction of the product. This includes directly conducting:

  • In-depth user & stakeholder interviews

  • Contextual inquiry

  • Surveys

  • Card sorting

  • Desirability studies

  • Analyses of customer feedback and usage

    • Includes: Analysis of NPS verbatims, usage analytics data, support stats/feedback, etc.



IBM: Product Designer

Jul 2016-Jan 2018

Worked as the sole designer/researcher for our business unit's AI incubator, working primarily on conversational AI. Including shipping the first iteration of Watson Assistant for Marketing. 
My role included:

  • Applied Design Thinking to uncover opportunities and crystalize user needs

  • Defined task flows, wrote user stories, and produced prototypes

  • Created design artifacts in Sketch that align with IBM Design Guidelines

  • Collaborated with dev and product management to refine UX for every release

  • Collaborated with product management on strategic research to determine the direction of our new products

  • Recruited our users and external users to participate in regular usability testing, generative research, and co-creation workshops.

IBM: Design Intern

Jun 2015-Aug 2015

Worked on the kickoff team for Watson Education, by investigating the market and software ecosystem, conducting user research, and working with the team to design a pitch for the overall system - developing user journeys, prototypes, and key concepts for what is now known as Watson Education. 

Savannah College of Art and Design


B.F.A. UX Design, additional studies in Service Design

Sponsored work/study team courses: 
UX Designer - Preservation Green Lab [Mar 2014-Jun 2014]
Project Manager - BMW Innovation Lab [Sep 2014-Mar 2015]
UX/Strategy - Google [Sep 2015-Nov 2015]